Take control of commercial transport behaviour in your area now!

The national Freight Journey Planner (FJP) from PIE Mapping is a free-to-use routing tool for freight operators. The web-based portal helps commercial vehicles navigate the UK’s roads efficiently and compliantly.

If you want to influence commercial vehicle behaviour in your region we’ve made it easy for you to include your local authority’s data, special freight rules and even live transport feeds into the FJP. As a consequence, when a company plans a route through your area, they’ll be given a compliant, efficient and safe journey plan.

We began the FJP’s development on a local level by helping a number of local authorities address many issues asked of their Local Transport Plans (LTPs). We can help you do the same, improving your road network and alleviating disruptions and the environmental concerns of local residents.

The FJP is the first UK-wide intelligent transport system (ITS) specifically for commercial vehicle operators and with your involvement will become even more accurate and detailed for its users.

In return you’ll have an active role in the movement of commercial traffic through your county and will putting your local freight strategy to work. Plus you’ll be able to include your very own branded version of the planner on your Authority’s website.

Get in touch now to find out more and take unprecedented control of freight routing in your area!

See how the Freight Journey Planner works.